4' Basic bottom rig with casting hook

Catch More Fish!
Snag Less Often!

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Keeps hooks from dragging on the bottom to help eliminate snags. Hooks are off the bottom and up where the fish are.

For all types of bottom fishing, fresh or salt water.

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New Bottom Rig Technology

For salt water fishing, either surf fishing, boat fishing or pier fishing, Uncle Dan's Tackle Rigz will keep the baited hooks off the bottom and elevated where the fish are.

For freshwater fishing, this patented invention works well in either a river or a lake. The hooks are above the bottom debris and the sinker is the only component of the rig touching the bottom, helping to eliminate snags.

For Oceans, Lakes and River Bottoms


Place the split ring on the Casting Hook.


Prepare to cast.


Centrifugal force separates the split ring and the Casting Hook when cast.


Properly deployed.

Patented Casting Hook

The casting hook, pictured to the left, connects to the split ring. Centrifugal force causes separation when cast. This allows the hooks to sit off the bottom, attracting fish and avoiding snagging.

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Standard Bottom Rig

Uncle Dan's
Bottom Rig with Casting Hook

Meet the Inventor

Dan Kregloh

I don't know if you're anything like me but you hate to lose rigs because of snags. Not only does it cost money but it takes time away from fishing to replace the rig.

After changing a rig, I noticed that the hooks were on the sand and it occurred to me that if I could get the hooks off of the sand and up where the fish were, I could solve two problems at one time. After a lot of prototypes, I came up with a rig that helps to eliminate snags and gets the bait off of the bottom and 3'-4'-5' up where the fish are.

I hope you have as much success with this rig as I have.

Uncle Dan

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